A little touch of spice

Wasabi, just the mention of the name evokes its pungent flavor and brings to mind its iridescent green coloring against the darker pinks, reds and whites of sushi. For some it is the tool du jour of the prankster and there are more than a few clips out there showing the effects of wasabi on the unsuspecting and the uninitiated.

A member of the Brassicaceae family along with more mustard, horseradish and the humble cabbage, wasabi grows in wet soils and is found in the wild submerged along the banks of Japanese rivers. Perhaps it is this penchant for water that makes it so perfect an accompaniment to fish. Wasabi on sushi is the natural place for this spicy condiment and is as much a part of the whole experience for the average diner as fresh seafood and sticky rice rolls.

Unlike with chili, wasabi relies more on a vapor in the nose to carry the heat rather than reactions on the tongue. While the leaves and stem can also be used, it is the green root that is the source of the best wasabi.

When eating wasabi on sushi, remember not to mix it with other spices or condiments. Japanese food is art for the eyes, mouth and soul and the chef will have prepared each little parcel of food to be perfect already. Besides, calming down the hidden heat that is wasabi on sushi would be like taking the mustard off a hot dog; and nobody wants to do that.

Stay Fit And Healthy With Austin Sushi

There has been plenty of hype concerning the sushi diet to shed weight, especially in view of how slim and healthy the Japanese are. It is better to comprehend what sushi is all about in order to judge its weight loss attributes. Austin sushi contains small portions of rice packed with sea food, eggs or vegetables.

The biggest component of sushi is carbohydrates with about 50 percent of proteins. It also consists of fats, but they are mostly omega-3 fats. Such a nutritional balance is essential for losing weight while staying healthy.

In addition to main ingredients, the sushi Austin food consists of rice vinegar or even a soy sauce called ponzu. These acids promote the burning of fat by boosting the metabolism. Once the metabolism gets boosted, it burns away fat and harmful toxins from your body speedily, which in turn results in effective weight loss.

There are many types of sushi; each one carries the effects of weight loss. If you wish to lose weight fast, you should choose sushi made from tuna, red snapper, shell fish or halibut. Oilier fish such as mackerel or salmon could melt away your deeper deposits of fats as they contain omega-3 acids in abundant quantity.

A sushi diet can be very effective in burning fat if you select conventional Edo style sushi; avoid creamy and sweet sauces. Another thing to remember is to avoid conventional accompaniments to sushi such as beer or sake. You may accompany green tea with sushi for healthy weight loss.

It may be a bit difficult to follow a completely sushi diet to shed weight. However, you may make it your habit by eating it often along with other foods. In this way, you will be able to burn off fat from your body while enjoying sushi at various places to eat in Austin.